We have a large group of members, UK wide, actively looking for building plots with planning permission.

Our primary focus is sites with planning for between 4 and 20 units.

Can you help source these?
Finders fee may be available.

The Plotters
Sourcing better value building plots,
by joining together to purchase multiple plot sites.

Are you in the trade?
Can you source land?

Hello, thank you for taking the time to view our website.  This is the partner trade website to our public offering (more details later).

We have a large membership of people interested in either self-building their own home, or building to sell for profit.

Our members pool their resources to purchase larger multi-unit sites, then they split off their own plot(s).  This works out much better value per plot.

As an organisation we are therefore always on the look out for suitable sites to purchase.

The land must have planning permission in place.
This can be outline or full.

Ideally the permission will be for between 4 and 20 units, as this works best for our members.

Sites with affordable housing requirements are welcome.

So if you are in the trade, and know of suitable land, please do get in touch.

In some circumstances,
a finders fee is available.

Get in touch

If you can help, please email us the details.
Happy to sign an NDA first if required.

Thank you.

PS. Our public website

If you would like to view our public website, which includes a map of interested buyers and total funds available, you can find it here ...